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I am back from Hong Kong! Thanks again and again for joining the giveaway♥♥

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Hong Kong is always a great place to shop, unfortunately I didn’t have much time so there wasn’t any big haul >.<

But I did buy a couple of things during my trip,  I’ll be writing a separate post for the tiny shopping I did♥ Continue reading


Suqqu Beauty Show – Spring/Summer Collection


Last week when I was surfing the net randomly, I realized Suqqu was doing a beauty show the next day! Since I was in the neighbourhood and the time was perfect, I decided to stop by and check out their Spring/Summer collection.

And luckily, their makeup artist had some times to spare, and he did a quick makeup on me!
I have had experiences at other brand’s beauty counter but it wasn’t so pleasant, because they put way too many products on my face and caused breakouts (read my posts here) but Suqqu didn’t! I have been wanting to try a couple of their products, and I’m glad I did, because they are so pricey and I don’t know when I’ll be able to buy them…

Most of the products I have tried are new in their Spring/Summer collection.

1) Blend colour eyeshadow


~The colours are really pretty, and it’s quite long lasting

2) Creamy Grow Lipstick Moist in EX-08 Sangodama


~It’s a really pretty colour. Suqqu beauty advisor said this lipstick is really moisturising, we don’t need lip balm before using it. It’s kinda like an all-in-one lipstick. I think the lipstick is very moisturising, and it seems to be very popular because I heard it was sold out already.

3) Face Color Palette


~A very beautiful palette, the color is very light so perfect for a natural look.

4) Eyeliner creamy in Navy

~Long lasting, didn’t crease on me at all.


5) Balancing Eyebrow & Eyebrow Liquid Pen

20130226-6 20130226-7

~The colours are very natural, and the liquid pen is good for drawing missing brows

After trying a couple of products from Suqqu, not all the products are worth the price, so if you are interested in this Suqqu, I remember the followings:

1) Suqqu brushes – definitely best of the best, feels like air! It’s on top of my shopping list~

2) Their foundations (See my review here)

3) eyebrow liquid pen, not many makeup brands offer this kind of product, it would be useful if you wanna fill in your missing brows and still look natural.

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Asians Beauty’s first giveaway♡♡Dolly Wink Mascara plus fake lower lashes

As promised, I will be doing a giveaway as soon as my blog has 50 followers, and the last time I checked, we are there!!

Thank you so much for supporting this not-so-frequently-updated beauty blog, your following is all the motivation I need to continue writing about makeup, and doing makeup!
I have been thinking for a while what to giveaway…Since I live in Japan, so I thought it would be better to giveaway Japanese makeup!
So here is the first giveaway♥♥
Dolly Wink Mascara produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, this is a special edition so two pairs of fake lower lashes are included!♥
To be honest, I haven’t tried this mascara myself, but I saw Lisa Eldridge using it in one of her makeup tutorial recently, and it looked amazing!
To enter this giveaway is easy♥
1) Follow my blog
2) Leave a comment below telling us your must-have makeup item
Not a must, but I would appreciate if the person who won this could write a review about this mascara, since I would like to know if it’s actually good or not!
This giveaway will be closed on Mar 3 (Sun), Thanks!!!


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Review: Sigma Beauty Dry’n Shape

About two weeks ago, I realized Sigma Beauty was doing Black Friday Free Worldwide shipping, so I immediately made my first purchase there, and chose a few products that would be useful, I ordered a two brushes, and this Dry’n Shape, I was really excited about it! And a little more than a week, it arrived! With a little gift inside (eyeliner brush) **happy** I haven’t used those brushes yet, so this review is for the Dry’n Shape!

What is “Dry’n Shape”? (Description from Sigma Beauty Website)

The Dry’n Shape was specially designed to completely dry and shape your most dense brushes within 4 to 6 hours, guaranteed. The Dry’n Shape provides the necessary pressure to bristles to re-shape them while quickly and efficiently removing water from every bristle. It is an easy, quick, and effective way to quickly dry and shape your makeup brushes.
Follow these three easy steps for best results:
STEP 1: Wash your brushes using a mild shampoo or brush cleanser.
STEP 2: Gently press the bristles to remove any excess water. Place the clean, damp brushes into the Dry’n Shape using the smallest band the brush will fit into. Make sure that all bristles are firmly compressed.
STEP 3: Wait 4 to 6 hours and your brushes will be completely dry and ready to use! In addition to being completely dry, the bristles will be reshaped to their original form.


I was really tempted since I don’t have enough brushes, I really need my brushes to dry first so I could use it for my classes. At USD32, I thought it was worth trying.


It came in a paper box, I do love their packaging, it makes you feel like your money is well spent!


Yesterday, I used it for the first time, I can’t wait to do a review today, so my comment may change over time, but I will definitely keep everyone updated in case my thoughts change 😉

So the size of Dry’n Shape is actually quite like brush roll, maybe a little bigger. I believe it could fit most brushes, except that I have a couple of Body Shop brushes, which is actually designed to allow it to be self-standing, so the bottom is really wide, thus it was a little difficult to fit.

Closed – W: 9 in. H: 5 7/16 in. (W: 23.5 cm H:13.8 cm)
Open – W: 16 5/8 in. H: 9 3/8 (W: 42.5 cm H:23.8 cm)
I was really hoping my brushes could dry within 4-6 hours, unfortunately this morning (more than 15 hours after I washed it), the brushes were still a little wet. (I live in Japan, now is winter so the summer humidity is gone) So that part was a little disappointing, but the shaping is not bad.


How the brushes look after 😀


A closer look…

UNFORTUNATELY…I found that one of the thread is already coming off…this is a sad sad minus, since I have only used it once…

drynshape6 drynshape5

Overall, I was really excited about this purchase, however it doesn’t work as good as I expected. I don’t regret buying it, because I am going to use it as a brush roll as well.

In short,

1) It doesn’t dry within 4 to 6 hours (Winter in Japan with windows closed)

2) It does shape my brushes

3) The quality of the roll is not bad except the thread that came off

4) US32 is not expensive

Thanks for reading, I hope this review is helpful ^^


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Makeup School finally started!! … a month ago…

If you have read my blog before, you probably know I would be taking a makeup course in Japan at Kanebo Makeup Institute♥

And about 4 weeks ago, it finally started!
It’s the “Standard Course”, the most basic one, that is good for all beginners!
The first class covered some administrative issues, and we learnt the basics like cleansing, skincare and base makeup.
The second class, we kinda covered everything from cleansing to full makeup, we even did a photo shoot with the makeup we did on ourselves! We had a slideshow session, showing our makeups one and one, it’s just so interesting to see the different color choices we had, different styles and all that! I would love to share that picture, however I won’t have it until I graduate from the course…
The most exciting part of the first class was getting all the products from Kanebo♥♥ I got tons of things, everything you name, its in the package! Pretty everything we need!
Last week, we did makeup on a doll (yes! again!) Its my second, so compare with the first one I did, I think I definitely did better on the brows. However, since it was kinda late, so I rushed a little and messed up the lips…and eyeshadow!
To see the one I did before school started, click here
I am still having a l lot of fun, its hard but I am excited to see the better me in the future (hopefully!) I just can’t wait, there’s just so much to learn!
If you girls are ever in Tokyo, please please be my makeup model♡♡
I will have to practice a lot!!!

Review: Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation

I stopped by Suqqu’s counter last month when a friend of mine visited Tokyo, and we were both very curious about the foundation produced by this high end cosmetic brand, so we picked up a sample of their liquid foundation.

The first time I used it, I could immediately feel the difference. It felt so light! However, it did feel a little dryer than what I have used before. But then after using it for a few times, I realized maybe my skin wasn’t moisted enough the first time, because I had much better experience with the foundation later on, and I began to like it a lot more than first impression!
As for coverage, I would say it’s light to medium, very light-weighted but also very buildable, I once even used it as concealer and it still works amazingly!
It’s quite long lasting, but I wouldn’t say it’s extraordinary.
As for the price, it is EXPENSIVE!! Depends where in the world you are right now, if you are in the UK, its about 60pounds, in Japan its about USD120. The rest of the world, you might be able to get it at around USD150.
I thought about getting it since I can use it as concealer as well, and I think it will last me a long while (the sample did!), but then I have already ordered Chanel’s perfection lumeire, so that’s gonna last me a while too I believe… So one at a time!


Online store:

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Review: Marie Claire Top Stage Pore Shade Make Up Base UV

This is my first product review in this blog, and I actually have many other products I’d like to write a review on, but I’ll let this one be the first!

To be honest, I think this product is probably only available in Japan (correct me if I’m wrong), so I don’t know how useful it is for you girls out there.

But I thought it would be interesting to know what are available in the world, right? And if you live in Japan, you may wanna check out Marie Claire’s makeup products~

So far I have only bought this make up base (because this is what I needed at the moment), but I have tried their eye shadows in store, compared with other japanese brands, marie claire’s eye shadow was really pigmented, and the color was so pretty!!!

Anyway, let’s get started~

After checking the packaging, this marie claire line of makeup is actually manufactured by a japanese company, but licensed by marie claire paris.

I needed something to cover the redness under my eye, so I was looking for a base that does that. I read some reviews on the biggest Japanese makeup reviews website, and found this to have pretty good reviews and price! So I went for it!

The blue one is supposed to tone down the redness on your skin naturally, and make your pores disappear!

The redness under my eyes is really serious, so i don’t expect anything to be able to cover it 100%.

First, I applied it around my right eye area. Leaving my left eye to compare the difference!

To my surprise, it worked better than I thought!! And it feels really light and thin, and pretty much scent free♥

I don’t like putting too many products on my face, but with this base, it doesn’t feel more. So it’s all good!

Product: Marie Claire Top Stage Pore Shade Make Up Base UV

Colors: Yellow, Blue & Purple

Price: 1,050yen (~USD13.5) for 30ml

The good:

  • Lightweight
  • Did tone down my redness to some extent
  • The price is good for the amount of product you get, for me I only apply it around my eye area, so I use very little each time
  • SPF 14
  • my pores did disappear!

The bad:

  • The bottle, you need to pour product it, because this base is really watery, so when you pour, way too much product came out!
  • If I apply this base all over my face, it seems a bit too pale for me

Will I buy this again?

I like trying out new products, this is not bad, but definitely not my HG. So I may purchase again if I can’t find anything else.

So what do you use for redness on your face, esp under your eyes?

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