Hair/ Body/ Skincare products I used before my wedding♥Loreal/Essential/House of Rose/Apivita

Just like many of you, I tried my best to look best on my wedding.

Which means not only what makeup you use on your big day, it also means how well you prepare yourself to be in the best condition!
Luckily, my skin wasn’t so bad I didn’t have to put too much effort to “repair”, however my hair wasn’t horrible! The ends are dry and split (,,-`_●-) but I didn’t wanna get a haircut cause I would like my hair to be as long as possible.
SO! There I found two products that definitely saved my hair from being the worst!!
And today I am going to introduce these products!

Review: Purity Organic Skincare – Conditioning Cleansing Lotion

2012-07-10 15.44.54

I have been wanting to write a review for this for so long (half of the post was sitting in draft for months!!), so finally here it is!

This is the very first product I bought after I started to fall in love with makeup 😀

And this is also a brand mentioned in one of MUA Lisa Eldridge’s video!! So it has to be good! Continue reading

Makeup School finally started!! … a month ago…

If you have read my blog before, you probably know I would be taking a makeup course in Japan at Kanebo Makeup Institute♥

And about 4 weeks ago, it finally started!
It’s the “Standard Course”, the most basic one, that is good for all beginners!
The first class covered some administrative issues, and we learnt the basics like cleansing, skincare and base makeup.
The second class, we kinda covered everything from cleansing to full makeup, we even did a photo shoot with the makeup we did on ourselves! We had a slideshow session, showing our makeups one and one, it’s just so interesting to see the different color choices we had, different styles and all that! I would love to share that picture, however I won’t have it until I graduate from the course…
The most exciting part of the first class was getting all the products from Kanebo♥♥ I got tons of things, everything you name, its in the package! Pretty everything we need!
Last week, we did makeup on a doll (yes! again!) Its my second, so compare with the first one I did, I think I definitely did better on the brows. However, since it was kinda late, so I rushed a little and messed up the lips…and eyeshadow!
To see the one I did before school started, click here
I am still having a l lot of fun, its hard but I am excited to see the better me in the future (hopefully!) I just can’t wait, there’s just so much to learn!
If you girls are ever in Tokyo, please please be my makeup model♡♡
I will have to practice a lot!!!

♥The Suqqu Story♥

Suqqu is a Japanese brand, however the first time I heard about this brand was from a video made by Celebrity Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge.

Suqqu’s brushes have become many makeup lover’s favorite. It’s also chosen as the winner of Best Brushes by Tatler Beauty Awards in 2012, and Cosmopolitan UK Beauty Awards in 2011. If you have ever tried a Suqqu brush, you would agree and just wonder why it doesn’t get more awards. It’s a brush of air!

However, Suqqu is a very expensive brand. For example, a face brush would cost nearly USD420, a lip brush would cost about USD60.

Continue reading

♥Aloha♥Beauty Haul Hawaii♥

I am back! Actually, i’ve been back for almost a week now. But i had to deal with my post-vacation blues, so it was a very unproductive week.
Anyway, i am trying to pull myself together! And at least to say hi and I’m back!
I had a lot of reviews to do before my vacation, now i have even more!!! I was out of control when i was in Hawaii, at one point I was scared that my boyfriend would leave me because he had never seen this crazy shopper side of me (neither had i!)

I had a lot of fun in Hawaii, it’s my third time there, but I think I had the most fun this time, coz the vacation blues is worst this time!

I went to the beach, the pool, the mall, the restaurants! It was an amazing vacation, I just can’t wait till the next one!

The weather was amazing too! It was so sunny everyday, and not humid at all! I wouldn’t mind staying out all day!

And this time, we stayed at Halekulani, the service was so great! It deserves to be called one of the best hotel in Hawaii♥

Okay…enough about my trip…let’s talk about what I bought!!!

I managed to buy most of the stuff on my shopping list, however some of them were sold out or only available online such as Bliss Fabulips’s sugar lip scrub…

And of course, I bought a lot of products that weren’t on the list…you’ll find out why…

I bought ♥

1) @Body shop – Body mist (white musk), brushes (Face & Body brush, Blusher Brush, Foundation Brush, Slanted Brush and Eyeshadow Brush), Lip scrub

I bought so many stuff from Body Shop because there were doing a sale that day! 1 item- 10% up to 5 items – 50% off!!! Of coz I had to get 5 or more than 5! I ended up buying too many >.<

2) @Macy’s – they were doing a free 7-pc gift with $35 Lancome purchase! I got so excited, but it’s a bit tricky, since most of the products are around $30, to reach $35 I had to buy two products, which mean a purchase around $60! But still with the 7-pc gift! It’s so worth it! They are still doing it, so GO Go GO!!!

I bought the Effacernes Waterproof concealer and the Artliner in Aubergine.

3) @Sephora, I bought Clinique’s all about eyes eye cream, Origin’s cooling mask for puffy eyes, Bobbi Brown’s corrector in Light to Medium Bisque and Sephora’s makeup palette (Forgot it in the pic)

4) @Galleria, I bought Elizabeth Arden’s eight hour cream fragrance free!, and Chanel’s eyelash curler

5) @Drugstore, I bought NYX retractable eye liner in brown, NYX Rouge cream blush in Red Cheeks (CB07), NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk and Strawberry Milk, Covergirl lash blast length and Maybelline color tattoo in Tough as Taupe

6) Nail polishes – Nails Inc. in notting hill carnival, essie in Miss Matched (my first essie!)

I haven’t really tried out everything, but really can’t wait to do so!!!!

So girls! That’s all (i think), and reviews are coming!!!

Have a wonderful weekend♥

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Beauty is addicting…I am already addicted

It’s only been a few months, and I am a different person (in a good way or bad way? will find out….)

As mentioned in my first post here, I am totally new in this Beauty world. It’s only been a few months, I have already bought so much (according to my standard!), and it’s not stopping!

First, I started to buy products that were recommended by Lisa Eldridge, then I started to read a lot online, and now my wish list is expanding everyday! (I wish my salary is increasing in the same way!!)

Anyway, I would like to share what I bought in the last few months, I have been trying to limit myself to one purchase after payday, but it’s not easy!

May’s tiny haul
At the beginning of May, I bought a conditioning cleansing lotion and facial exfoliator, and they sent me the facial wash for free♥♥

June’s tiny haul

I patiently waited until I got my paycheck in June, then I ordered these from, they have really good price and free international shipping!! However, when the product came Phyto hair cream looked so different from the picture, so for a moment I thought they sent the wrong order, but then they responded quickly said it’s the same product, just not yet updated the picture on their website.

1) Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml
2) Garnier Youthful Radiance Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Roll-On 15ml Fair Skin Tone
3) Phyto 7 Daily Hydrating Botanical Cream 50ml

Jul’s tiny haul

I have been using Etude house’s BB cream for a few years now, as for my concealer, the coverage is just not enough to cover my under eye dark circle, then I saw Lisa’s acne video and was amazed by the coverage Vichy Dermablend has. My friend bought it in HK, and she really liked it…so I got one for myself too ♥

This time I ordered from, their shipping is not free but very reasonable! And their prices are amazing!!!

1) Vichy Dermablend corrective foundation

2) Vichy Dermablend setting powder

3) Avene Extremely gentle cleanser

I bought these, and they finally arrived today! I am so exciting, coz I’ll be trying it in a little while~~

Some products I bought in Japan

Since I will be traveling to Hawaii soon, so I won’t be buying anything expensive in Japan, since it would be a lot cheaper in the US. BUT…walking pass japanese drug stores everyday, it really is difficult to resist the temptation. So I was being very careful, I should only buy the products that are only available in Japan, or if it is cheaper in Japan!

Not at the same time, but over the last few months I bought…

1) Shiseido foundation brush – it has a lot of great reviews, and when I saw it, it was on discount, so I bought it!

2) Soft Stone deodorant – I have been using secret for so many years, however recently it gave me really bad irritation, so I guess it was time to change. And this soft stone received really high customer satisfaction in Japan. So I decided to give it a try.

3) Ducato nail polish in Strawberry – The color is just so pretty I couldn’t resist.

4) Some 100yen(~USD1.3) goodies from Daiso – eyebrow pencil, eyebrow top coat (forgot to take a pic), false lashes and glue

5) Marie Claire – Top Stage makeup base in blue – I was in need of something that could tone down the redness undereye, after some research I found the price of this one to be very reasonable (according to Japanese standard) so i gave it a try! A review is definitely on the way!

6) Mascara comb – I saw a video on Youtube “new way to apply mascara”, so I decided to try the new method, but didn’t really work for me.

7) From Japanese auction site, I found someone is selling Eylure Party Perfect lashes and Nail Rock’s nail wraps for a really cheap price! How could i miss it!

I really wish I could do reviews for all the products I bought, it’s coming! Definitely on my to-do list~ So stay tuned♥!

P.S. The little robot in the picture is my friend – Bo, you’ll be seeing her in my blog a lot I think!


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New Plan♥Calling for followers♥

To make blogging more fun…of course is to have more readers…

I know I’ve just started, but I really would love to share the goodies from Japan!

So I am thinking…When the number of followers reach 50 (i know its not a lot…but 50 followers would make me pretty happy♥), I will start giving out Japanese goodies to my readers on a regular basis! If you are interested…please subscribe♥♥ OF COZ, no strings attached, just subscribe♥♥

I am so excited…I don’t know how long it will take, but it doesn’t matter! The game will start as soon as I get 50 followers, YAY!

Have a great day~ Weekend is coming♥




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