Golden Week Vacation: Aloha! Hawaii~

I guess Easter holiday is just over for most of you, but since we don’t have Easter holiday in Japan, we are getting Golden week as a compensation! XD

Golden week is a couple of public holidays happened to be around the same time, as a result people here get almost a week of vacation, even more sometimes! So everyone is off to do something, as for me, Hawaii yay!

I am still working on the beauty shopping list, will definitely share with you all!

Meanwhile, my online shop will be offline for two weeks~ If you would like to shop Japanese beauty stuff…come back in two weeks!



A secret beach (not so secret in fact XD) we found last time we visited Hawaii❤


Thanks again for joining the #1 Giveaway♥

I am back from Hong Kong! Thanks again and again for joining the giveaway♥♥

And I have chosen a winner for the giveaway, she’ll be contacted through email♥♥

Hong Kong is always a great place to shop, unfortunately I didn’t have much time so there wasn’t any big haul >.<

But I did buy a couple of things during my trip,  I’ll be writing a separate post for the tiny shopping I did♥ Continue reading

Asians Beauty’s first giveaway♡♡Dolly Wink Mascara plus fake lower lashes

As promised, I will be doing a giveaway as soon as my blog has 50 followers, and the last time I checked, we are there!!

Thank you so much for supporting this not-so-frequently-updated beauty blog, your following is all the motivation I need to continue writing about makeup, and doing makeup!
I have been thinking for a while what to giveaway…Since I live in Japan, so I thought it would be better to giveaway Japanese makeup!
So here is the first giveaway♥♥
Dolly Wink Mascara produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, this is a special edition so two pairs of fake lower lashes are included!♥
To be honest, I haven’t tried this mascara myself, but I saw Lisa Eldridge using it in one of her makeup tutorial recently, and it looked amazing!
To enter this giveaway is easy♥
1) Follow my blog
2) Leave a comment below telling us your must-have makeup item
Not a must, but I would appreciate if the person who won this could write a review about this mascara, since I would like to know if it’s actually good or not!
This giveaway will be closed on Mar 3 (Sun), Thanks!!!


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Quick Review on my 2nd Hawaii Beauty Haul♡

So I went to Hawaii again during my new year vacation, the most exciting part of the trip was definitely shopping!!!

Unlike last time, I didn’t have too many things on the list to buy (as I have already bought too much last time!), but still it would be hard not to buy anything in such a paradise!


Anyway, here is the list, and a quick review on it!

1) Laura Mercier – Secret Concealer for under eye, I was still looking for a good concealer that has good coverage and moisturising, so I went to Sephora and asked one of the beauty advisor to see if they could surprise me with anything, and they did! She introduced this secret concealer, she applied on it, and instantly my dark circle was gone (almost), definitely way better than what I have been using (Garnier tinted roll-on, Lancome Effacernes), and at USD22, I didn’t even think twice! So now I have been using it for a few weeks, I still love it! Great coverage, it’s not drying, however since it’s really creamy, that means you may have to reapply it during the day, there are 6 shades in this product, so it would be easy to find the right one for yourself!


2) Laura Mercier – Secret Camouflage, many professional makeup artists and beauty lovers are loving this product, so I guess if I wanna be in the industry, I’ll have to try it out! Many said it’s a great concealer for blemishes, I totally agree, because it is definitely too dry for undereye. Also, this concealer is a little difficult to work with, it is so dry that many recommend using your finger to warm it up first, but then for spot concealing, using finger to apply may cover areas more than necessary. But with the amount of product, you have enough to train yourself up! I currently use an eyeliner brush to apply to small spots, Laura Mercier also sells a brush for this product! There are 8 shades for you to choose from (USD30)


3) MAC – Eyebrows crayon pour les sourcils in Lingering, this is probably the most popular shade in the line, as recommended by Lisa Eldridge, this magical color actually suits many different skin tones, from dark brows to light brows. I love the color, its very natural and soft, probably the best brow colour I have owned so far. I was actually looking for the pencil one, but unfortunately the MAC shop i went to didn’t carry the pencil type anymore. Basically the shade is exactly the same, the difference is I guess for some people crayon is much easier because you don’t need to sharpen it from time to time, and it’s really easy to apply. However the crayon type is not retractable, so may sure you don’t roll up too much of the product. (USD15)


4) YSL – Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in 2, of course! Who doesn’t have it? (Well, I didn’t) Again, this is a really popular product, so I couldn’t wait to see the magic it does. It’s a highlight pen, but many people use it as concealer as well. Its texture is really light, you can use it undereye, and it disappear instantly! For some people, their dark circle disappears at the same time! For me, it’s not quite enough, but I love using it after secret concealer, and around my mouth. I don’t see a huge difference in person, but on picture it does help! (USD40)


5) Urban Decay – 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil Set (6 colours), I bought it coz I was looking for something that doesn’t crease on me, more precisely, an eyeliner that doesn’t transfer to my undereye after an hour or two. So I went to Sephora and asked for advice, the beauty advisor told me to use a primer (a must she said), so she did apply primer, and the glide-on eye pencil in Zero (very black) on me. It looked great, I like it a lot. So I bought it even with the risk on it still creasing on me, because it was only USD24 for 6 colors! A few hours later, yes it did crease on me a little. The next day I tried it again, it creased on me even more (yay!) It creases/transfers even with a primer…but other than that, I think it’s a lovely product, because the black is really black, and other colors are beautiful too. So this is great for people who doesn’t have any problem with any eyeliners!

The colours included in this set are Mainline (Blue), Empire (Purple), Smog (Golden brown), Demolition (Brown), Zero (Black), Uzi (Grey) -> Swatches to come in future post 🙂

6) Body Shop – Liquid Eyeliner in 02 (Brown), I bought this coz I once tried my friend’s black version of it, it looked great so I wanted the brown. However, the applicator is much harder to control than I thought. My friend has been using her for years, and she applied it for me. SO I guess it will take me a while to practice using it. Other than that, it’s an ok eyeliner, not outstanding…repurchase? Maybe not. (USD13.5)    6


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Thanksgiving shopping♥NYX♥Cherry Culture

Actually, we don’t really have Thanksgiving day here in Japan. I have only spent one thanksgiving in the US (when I was in college), so I really didn’t pay much attention to this day…

However, this year ever since I started makeup, I have been doing a lot of shopping online, all over the world as well… And Thanksgiving quickly became my favorite time of the year! Since so many online shops are doing Black Friday & Thanksgiving Sale **excited**

So today, I decided it’s about time to add a little more colors to my lipstick collection, all I have are all natural/nude colors which are very pigmented. As I would like to be able to do more looks in the future, I chose a few colors from NYX to start off with, with an additional 20% on their already cheap price, I couldn’t be happier!! And I bought a few more for my friend who is a makeup artist in Japan, hope she’ll like it ♥

So here is what I ordered:

For myself♥

Round lipstick: Haute Melon
Xtreme lip cream – Dolly girl
Round lipstick: Pure Red
Round lipstick: Tea Rose

For my friend♥

Black Label: Cancun Pink
Matte: Audrey
Matte: Indie Flick

What’s your favorite NYX lip color?

The 20% off on everything on will last until Nov 25, so hurry if there’s something you want!


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My first order from Sigma Beauty♥Free Worldwide Shipping♥

Finally, I made my first order from Sigma Beauty!!!…like 10 mins ago~ So I can’t wait to share this with you girls ^^

I have been hearing a lot about their brushes, and I notice they adjusted their prices so their brushes are a little more expensive now! But then, it still pretty reasonable I think! So I decided to give it a try ^^

At the beginning of October, I got quite a few brushes from my school (Kanebo♥), but soon I realized it’s not quite enough! I need a blending brush, and I wanna try out other lip brush as well~ So to start off I just ordered 2 brushes, E35 – Tapered Blending & L05 – Lip! I notice they have two tapered blending brush E35 and E40, I did some research and the difference is really just the size, so I decided to go for the smaller one – E35, since I am asian and a smaller one would be better for blending.

And I ordered one more thing, Dry’n Shape! A brush roll-like that is supposed to dry brushes quickly, since I still don’t have that many brushes, so I really need my brushes to dry quickly, at USD32 I thought I could give it a try, coz I can use it as brush roll and take it with me to class too!

The reason why I waited until now is I knew they do free international shipping once in a while, and now is the time! For those of you who don’t live in the States, it’s time! It’s going to save you about USD20 for shipping (depends where you live I guess!).

This Black Friday Free Worldwide Shipping program will last until Nov 23! So hurry up♥ Have fun shopping♥


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♥Aloha♥Beauty Haul Hawaii♥

I am back! Actually, i’ve been back for almost a week now. But i had to deal with my post-vacation blues, so it was a very unproductive week.
Anyway, i am trying to pull myself together! And at least to say hi and I’m back!
I had a lot of reviews to do before my vacation, now i have even more!!! I was out of control when i was in Hawaii, at one point I was scared that my boyfriend would leave me because he had never seen this crazy shopper side of me (neither had i!)

I had a lot of fun in Hawaii, it’s my third time there, but I think I had the most fun this time, coz the vacation blues is worst this time!

I went to the beach, the pool, the mall, the restaurants! It was an amazing vacation, I just can’t wait till the next one!

The weather was amazing too! It was so sunny everyday, and not humid at all! I wouldn’t mind staying out all day!

And this time, we stayed at Halekulani, the service was so great! It deserves to be called one of the best hotel in Hawaii♥

Okay…enough about my trip…let’s talk about what I bought!!!

I managed to buy most of the stuff on my shopping list, however some of them were sold out or only available online such as Bliss Fabulips’s sugar lip scrub…

And of course, I bought a lot of products that weren’t on the list…you’ll find out why…

I bought ♥

1) @Body shop – Body mist (white musk), brushes (Face & Body brush, Blusher Brush, Foundation Brush, Slanted Brush and Eyeshadow Brush), Lip scrub

I bought so many stuff from Body Shop because there were doing a sale that day! 1 item- 10% up to 5 items – 50% off!!! Of coz I had to get 5 or more than 5! I ended up buying too many >.<

2) @Macy’s – they were doing a free 7-pc gift with $35 Lancome purchase! I got so excited, but it’s a bit tricky, since most of the products are around $30, to reach $35 I had to buy two products, which mean a purchase around $60! But still with the 7-pc gift! It’s so worth it! They are still doing it, so GO Go GO!!!

I bought the Effacernes Waterproof concealer and the Artliner in Aubergine.

3) @Sephora, I bought Clinique’s all about eyes eye cream, Origin’s cooling mask for puffy eyes, Bobbi Brown’s corrector in Light to Medium Bisque and Sephora’s makeup palette (Forgot it in the pic)

4) @Galleria, I bought Elizabeth Arden’s eight hour cream fragrance free!, and Chanel’s eyelash curler

5) @Drugstore, I bought NYX retractable eye liner in brown, NYX Rouge cream blush in Red Cheeks (CB07), NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk and Strawberry Milk, Covergirl lash blast length and Maybelline color tattoo in Tough as Taupe

6) Nail polishes – Nails Inc. in notting hill carnival, essie in Miss Matched (my first essie!)

I haven’t really tried out everything, but really can’t wait to do so!!!!

So girls! That’s all (i think), and reviews are coming!!!

Have a wonderful weekend♥

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