Hair/ Body/ Skincare products I used before my wedding♥Loreal/Essential/House of Rose/Apivita

Just like many of you, I tried my best to look best on my wedding.

Which means not only what makeup you use on your big day, it also means how well you prepare yourself to be in the best condition!
Luckily, my skin wasn’t so bad I didn’t have to put too much effort to “repair”, however my hair wasn’t horrible! The ends are dry and split (,,-`_●-) but I didn’t wanna get a haircut cause I would like my hair to be as long as possible.
SO! There I found two products that definitely saved my hair from being the worst!!
And today I am going to introduce these products!

What to buy in the US?

Good news!!!

I will be in Hawaii next month for about 10 days **excited**

With cosmetics being so expensive in Japan, I really have to buy A LOT of makeups when I am there!

So here is my shopping list:
1) Laura Mercier – Secret Camouflage
2) NARS – Pro prime for eye
3) Make Up For Ever – High Precision Water Proof eyeliner
4) MAC – eyebrow pencil (Lingering)
5) Maybelline – Hyper Sharp liner, Dream mousse blush
6) Revlon – 12hr colorstay eyeshadow palette, matte lipsticks and blushes
7) Loreal – Infalliable eyeshadow
8) Clinique – Airbrush Concealer
9) Boots No.7
10) NYX – eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks

Are there anything else you would recommend?
Or are there anything on the list you don’t recommend?

I can’t wait!!



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