Review: Purity Organic Skincare – Conditioning Cleansing Lotion

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I have been wanting to write a review for this for so long (half of the post was sitting in draft for months!!), so finally here it is!

This is the very first product I bought after I started to fall in love with makeup 😀

And this is also a brand mentioned in one of MUA Lisa Eldridge’s video!! So it has to be good! Continue reading


Asians Beauty’s first giveaway♡♡Dolly Wink Mascara plus fake lower lashes

As promised, I will be doing a giveaway as soon as my blog has 50 followers, and the last time I checked, we are there!!

Thank you so much for supporting this not-so-frequently-updated beauty blog, your following is all the motivation I need to continue writing about makeup, and doing makeup!
I have been thinking for a while what to giveaway…Since I live in Japan, so I thought it would be better to giveaway Japanese makeup!
So here is the first giveaway♥♥
Dolly Wink Mascara produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, this is a special edition so two pairs of fake lower lashes are included!♥
To be honest, I haven’t tried this mascara myself, but I saw Lisa Eldridge using it in one of her makeup tutorial recently, and it looked amazing!
To enter this giveaway is easy♥
1) Follow my blog
2) Leave a comment below telling us your must-have makeup item
Not a must, but I would appreciate if the person who won this could write a review about this mascara, since I would like to know if it’s actually good or not!
This giveaway will be closed on Mar 3 (Sun), Thanks!!!


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♥The Suqqu Story♥

Suqqu is a Japanese brand, however the first time I heard about this brand was from a video made by Celebrity Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge.

Suqqu’s brushes have become many makeup lover’s favorite. It’s also chosen as the winner of Best Brushes by Tatler Beauty Awards in 2012, and Cosmopolitan UK Beauty Awards in 2011. If you have ever tried a Suqqu brush, you would agree and just wonder why it doesn’t get more awards. It’s a brush of air!

However, Suqqu is a very expensive brand. For example, a face brush would cost nearly USD420, a lip brush would cost about USD60.

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I believe it’s destiny ♥ MUA Lisa Eldridge

Don’t worry! I don’t mean it THAT way!

Way before I told my friends about my new “makeup” hobby, a good friend of mine one day suddenly whatsapped me, and recommended Lisa Eldridge, a very famous makeup artist based in London!

I was like “um…how did she know???”

Anyway, from that day on, my passion for makeup grew even stronger!! It was so strong I couldn’t believe it myself. I checked pretty much all her videos in less than a week, I made note of the products she recommended! I even bought some of the products she suggested!

The rational me was gone, I went totally out of control (in a good way I still think)! And now the dream of becoming a makeup artist became 1000 times stronger!

So here I am, recommending MUA Lisa Eldridge, her blog is amazing with lot of details and tips on how to do your makeup right. Her videos! One of the best I have ever seen on YouTube, with very clean white background, looking very professional!

Make sure you have plenty of time before going to work or school when you click on the link!

Thanks Lisa!

And Thanks Bonnie for sharing ♥