Golden Week Vacation: Aloha! Hawaii~

I guess Easter holiday is just over for most of you, but since we don’t have Easter holiday in Japan, we are getting Golden week as a compensation! XD

Golden week is a couple of public holidays happened to be around the same time, as a result people here get almost a week of vacation, even more sometimes! So everyone is off to do something, as for me, Hawaii yay!

I am still working on the beauty shopping list, will definitely share with you all!

Meanwhile, my online shop will be offline for two weeks~ If you would like to shop Japanese beauty stuff…come back in two weeks!



A secret beach (not so secret in fact XD) we found last time we visited Hawaii❤


What to buy in the US?

Good news!!!

I will be in Hawaii next month for about 10 days **excited**

With cosmetics being so expensive in Japan, I really have to buy A LOT of makeups when I am there!

So here is my shopping list:
1) Laura Mercier – Secret Camouflage
2) NARS – Pro prime for eye
3) Make Up For Ever – High Precision Water Proof eyeliner
4) MAC – eyebrow pencil (Lingering)
5) Maybelline – Hyper Sharp liner, Dream mousse blush
6) Revlon – 12hr colorstay eyeshadow palette, matte lipsticks and blushes
7) Loreal – Infalliable eyeshadow
8) Clinique – Airbrush Concealer
9) Boots No.7
10) NYX – eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks

Are there anything else you would recommend?
Or are there anything on the list you don’t recommend?

I can’t wait!!



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