Makeup School finally started!! … a month ago…

If you have read my blog before, you probably know I would be taking a makeup course in Japan at Kanebo Makeup Institute♥

And about 4 weeks ago, it finally started!
It’s the “Standard Course”, the most basic one, that is good for all beginners!
The first class covered some administrative issues, and we learnt the basics like cleansing, skincare and base makeup.
The second class, we kinda covered everything from cleansing to full makeup, we even did a photo shoot with the makeup we did on ourselves! We had a slideshow session, showing our makeups one and one, it’s just so interesting to see the different color choices we had, different styles and all that! I would love to share that picture, however I won’t have it until I graduate from the course…
The most exciting part of the first class was getting all the products from Kanebo♥♥ I got tons of things, everything you name, its in the package! Pretty everything we need!
Last week, we did makeup on a doll (yes! again!) Its my second, so compare with the first one I did, I think I definitely did better on the brows. However, since it was kinda late, so I rushed a little and messed up the lips…and eyeshadow!
To see the one I did before school started, click here
I am still having a l lot of fun, its hard but I am excited to see the better me in the future (hopefully!) I just can’t wait, there’s just so much to learn!
If you girls are ever in Tokyo, please please be my makeup model♡♡
I will have to practice a lot!!!

Beauty beginner I am, here’s how it began ♥

I sure know it’s a little late. But it’s better be late than NEVER!

So here is the story why I am starting this blog.

Until only about a year ago, I wasn’t interested in makeup or skincare at all.

I was probably the biggest believer of “Less is more”, and I didn’t like the feeling of having a lot of products on my face.

Luckily, I don’t have complicated skin, therefore I could live a very big part of my life without using much product.

However, when I was about to start a new project with the need to find a good makeup artist. I realize how hard it is!

Then I started to have this crazy idea! Become one myself!

I was born in Hong Kong, currently reside in Japan (my 6th year here actually). Japan is one big makeup empire in the world, and it wouldn’t be too hard to find a good school here!

I was just wondering “Why didn’t I come up with this idea earlier!?”

But again,  it’s better be late than NEVER!

And here I am, totally addicted to beauty & makeup news!

Constantly looking for a good makeup school!

So, I am a total beginner compare with beauty bloggers who started their makeup when they were 6.

But still I would like to start this blog as to keep track of my beauty journey!

If you happen to stop by this blog, I hope you enjoy it!