What’s up with the break?! + Good news♥

Logging in today, checking when my last post was shocked me a little…

I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since I last wrote!

I don’t really deserve to call myself a blogger, I simply don’t write enough!!!! Continue reading


Makeup Lovers! ♡Happy New Year ♡

My first post in 2013! Happy New Year girls! I wish everyone of you a wonderful, superbly amazing and beautiful 2013!

I love new year, it’s always so full of hopes and dreams! It’s probably the most motivated time I have in a year… So I hope this is going to last a bit longer this year!

I was in Hawaii during my new year vacation, and of course another Hawaii beauty haul! That’s why my first new year resolution this year, is to clean up my room, and organise all the makeup I have properly!



New Plan♥Calling for followers♥

To make blogging more fun…of course is to have more readers…

I know I’ve just started, but I really would love to share the goodies from Japan!

So I am thinking…When the number of followers reach 50 (i know its not a lot…but 50 followers would make me pretty happy♥), I will start giving out Japanese goodies to my readers on a regular basis! If you are interested…please subscribe♥♥ OF COZ, no strings attached, just subscribe♥♥

I am so excited…I don’t know how long it will take, but it doesn’t matter! The game will start as soon as I get 50 followers, YAY!

Have a great day~ Weekend is coming♥




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Beauty beginner I am, here’s how it began ♥

I sure know it’s a little late. But it’s better be late than NEVER!

So here is the story why I am starting this blog.

Until only about a year ago, I wasn’t interested in makeup or skincare at all.

I was probably the biggest believer of “Less is more”, and I didn’t like the feeling of having a lot of products on my face.

Luckily, I don’t have complicated skin, therefore I could live a very big part of my life without using much product.

However, when I was about to start a new project with the need to find a good makeup artist. I realize how hard it is!

Then I started to have this crazy idea! Become one myself!

I was born in Hong Kong, currently reside in Japan (my 6th year here actually). Japan is one big makeup empire in the world, and it wouldn’t be too hard to find a good school here!

I was just wondering “Why didn’t I come up with this idea earlier!?”

But again,  it’s better be late than NEVER!

And here I am, totally addicted to beauty & makeup news!

Constantly looking for a good makeup school!

So, I am a total beginner compare with beauty bloggers who started their makeup when they were 6.

But still I would like to start this blog as to keep track of my beauty journey!

If you happen to stop by this blog, I hope you enjoy it!