A brand new life❤

Hi beauty lovers❤

I can’t be more happy to announce that I am happily pregnant!!!!

In fact, I am already in my second trimester and the little one is growing bigger and stronger everyday~

This is my first time being pregnant, excitements ,anxiety along with morning sickness occupied most of my first trimester. I must say it wasn’t the best time of my life, as my energy was low (very very low), I couldn’t eat much but I was craving so much. And not being able to feel my baby move was causing a lot of worries at the beginning.

However, now that it’s over, I almost forgot how it felt. My energy is back, my appetite is back (weight gain is like a weekly thing now), and I can feel my baby moves from week 17, which is an amazing experience! I know anything can happen during pregnancy, so I am trying to be (a little bit) careful with what I do and what I eat.

So my life right now…

I wear makeup only once or twice a week, as I have been spending a lot of time at home, and some of my friends actually think putting on makeup is bad during pregnancy, so they totally avoid it but I just can’t go outside of my neighbourhood without wearing makeup 😛

Since I can’t play with makeup so much, I have to find something else to do at home. I have always like handmade projects, and in fact I started making hand crafts even before I got into makeup, so I guess for the time being, I may have to start a new handmade category 😀

I’ll still doing reviews for some makeup and skincare products, like recently I have tried two different facial cleansing soaps which I can’t wait to introduce!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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