♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥

♥Happy Valentine's Day♥

Hi all Beauty lovers♥

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s been another year, last year I made Strawberry Poppers (stuffed with cheesecake), not so successful, so this year back to the safe choice, chocolate dipped strawberries! Simple ones! But I promise they do taste heavenly♥

In Japan, the custom is a little different from the rest of the world. Instead of girlfriends getting flowers/gifts/jewelry, boyfriends get chocolate from their girlfriend, female coworkers at work. In another word, girls have to buy chocolate for their boss, colleagues, and of course their boyfriend!

So Valentine’s Day is not just for Valentines in Japan! You are right, BUT girls do buy better/more expensive chocolate for “THE ONE”, yup their boyfriend! Cheaper ones for just friends and colleagues!

Guys don’t need to do anything then? Actually, instead of Feb 14 Valentine’s Day, guys give gifts in return on Mar 14, the “White Day” they call it~

May all of you have a sweet one with or without Valentine♥

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