My first order from Sigma Beauty♥Free Worldwide Shipping♥

Finally, I made my first order from Sigma Beauty!!!…like 10 mins ago~ So I can’t wait to share this with you girls ^^

I have been hearing a lot about their brushes, and I notice they adjusted their prices so their brushes are a little more expensive now! But then, it still pretty reasonable I think! So I decided to give it a try ^^

At the beginning of October, I got quite a few brushes from my school (Kanebo♥), but soon I realized it’s not quite enough! I need a blending brush, and I wanna try out other lip brush as well~ So to start off I just ordered 2 brushes, E35 – Tapered Blending & L05 – Lip! I notice they have two tapered blending brush E35 and E40, I did some research and the difference is really just the size, so I decided to go for the smaller one – E35, since I am asian and a smaller one would be better for blending.

And I ordered one more thing, Dry’n Shape! A brush roll-like that is supposed to dry brushes quickly, since I still don’t have that many brushes, so I really need my brushes to dry quickly, at USD32 I thought I could give it a try, coz I can use it as brush roll and take it with me to class too!

The reason why I waited until now is I knew they do free international shipping once in a while, and now is the time! For those of you who don’t live in the States, it’s time! It’s going to save you about USD20 for shipping (depends where you live I guess!).

This Black Friday Free Worldwide Shipping program will last until Nov 23! So hurry up♥ Have fun shopping♥


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