Review: Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation

I stopped by Suqqu’s counter last month when a friend of mine visited Tokyo, and we were both very curious about the foundation produced by this high end cosmetic brand, so we picked up a sample of their liquid foundation.

The first time I used it, I could immediately feel the difference. It felt so light! However, it did feel a little dryer than what I have used before. But then after using it for a few times, I realized maybe my skin wasn’t moisted enough the first time, because I had much better experience with the foundation later on, and I began to like it a lot more than first impression!
As for coverage, I would say it’s light to medium, very light-weighted but also very buildable, I once even used it as concealer and it still works amazingly!
It’s quite long lasting, but I wouldn’t say it’s extraordinary.
As for the price, it is EXPENSIVE!! Depends where in the world you are right now, if you are in the UK, its about 60pounds, in Japan its about USD120. The rest of the world, you might be able to get it at around USD150.
I thought about getting it since I can use it as concealer as well, and I think it will last me a long while (the sample did!), but then I have already ordered Chanel’s perfection lumeire, so that’s gonna last me a while too I believe… So one at a time!


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