Beauty counter experience and foundation samples

I believe when it comes to choosing foundation, you can’t just try it on the back of your hand and decide whether it fits you or not.

So I really appreciate the return policy in the US, unfortunately I don’t live there.

But in Japan, makeup brands alway welcome you to their counter, to try out their products. Most of the time, they are more than happy to put makeup on you, let you walk away without buying anything, just hope you would come back if you like it.

Ever since I started to be interested in makeup, I have visited Clarins and Chanel’s beauty counter, and asked them to put makeup on me, so I could try out their foundations. However, neither experience was good. The beauty advisors are absolutely helpful, however they tried to put too many products on my face, my face just couldn’t take it.

When I was at Clarins’s counter, they put on countless (seriously I couldn’t count, probably more than 10) products on me. At first, I was like…Great! I could try so many diffierent products! However, soon after they finished, my face felt so heavy and my skin just couldn’t breath!

After that, it caused my skin to break out, and I had no idea what caused it…could be one of the product, or all! So it actually defeated the purpose, because I had no idea whether the foundation was good for me or not.

And then after a while, I thought maybe it’s Clarins, so I tried Chanel. The result was pretty much the same…no break out, but the makeup the advisor put on me was just bad…I mean they are not professional makeup artist, so I totally understand. Since then, instead of trying to let them put it on my face, I decided to grab a little pack of sample, and try it at home myself! And that worked out way better!!

And trying out foundations can’t be more fun! I have picked up so many, like Suqqu, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Dior, even Bare Minerals.

These companies are quite generous too. Each sample can last you two full makeups, as for me I don’t do full makeup everyday. And most of the time I just apply the foundation to where I need it only. So I have been using Suqqu’s sample for more than 2 weeks now! What I do is, I transfer the foundation from the little package to a tiny plastic pot so I can keep it as long as I want!

What’s your foundation experience? How did you find your favorite foundation?


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