Headache: where is my HG mascara?!

I have been searching for a mascara that works for me… But it’s been so hard I might need a little help here 😦

I am asian, so my lashes are not naturally curled which really is a pain!
I have tried Clinique, Lancome, Maybelline, Covergirl, but none of them can satisfy me…

For eyelash curler, i used to use Shiseido but recently I bought Chanel’s eyelash curler. I think it curls pretty well, but clinique and lancome’s mascara managed to take it back down >;<;

So far covergirl has been the best, but I think some products out there can do better….

I have put out a question on my facebook for my girl friends, and so far most people recommending Helena Rubinstein’s mascara, I may just have to try it out!

So what’s your experience?


Online store: http://asiansbeauty.storenvy.com

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2 thoughts on “Headache: where is my HG mascara?!

  1. I am currently using Kose Fasio mascara and a shu uemura curler~ The Fasio I am using is the Hyper Stay one, I believe… They’ve released 2 or 3 different ones since I’ve started using this tube. The newest one that came out earlier this summer looks fantastic though! My lashes tend to stick together, especially after I use the curler on it… But the new one is supposed to separate them and curl them, so it’ll be less work. I don’t always curl my lashes, because the Fasio actually does lengthen and curl the ends for me enough that I don’t need to curl them~ ^_^ (This is Ivy, btw… I started a wordpress account, but just haven’t had the time to review anything yet >_<)

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