Japanese Magazines♥Sweet & Koakuma Ageha♥

I love Japanese magazines, I started buying Japanese way before I could speak japanese, because it’s just so inspiring and exciting to look at the pictures.

It’s really not necessary to understand japanese! And there’s more!! Not only the beautiful japanese makeup and fashion, the little gift (付録Furoku) that comes with the magazine is always so tempting! In the past, I used to buy “non-no”, “cutie”, “with”, “more” magazines just because I thought their styles are pretty close to what I like, but recently I started choosing magazines by the gift (furoku), because they are so pretty ♥♥

Anyway, after I decided to go to makeup school I thought it would help if I start studying different kinds of makeup. So last week I bought “Koakuma Ageha”, which is a gyaru fashion and lifestyle magazine. Gyaru…is not really my style, but it would be fun to learn how they do their makeups! Of coz, the little gift that comes with the magazine is a fake lashes case by Cecil McBee♥

Today, I went to 7-11 to buy lunch (coz I was too lazy to cook), and I saw the Oct issue of “Sweet”, of course the cover is gorgeous but gift is what really caught my attention!! A red Coach case with note pad! How could I resist!


Ain’t it pretty???? The magazine and this gorgeous coach case it costed only 690yen(~USD8.9)♥♥

I’m loving Japan♥♥


Online store: http://asiansbeauty.storenvy.com

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5 thoughts on “Japanese Magazines♥Sweet & Koakuma Ageha♥

  1. I love Japanese magazines too~ Because of the furoku mostly, since I’m not big on fashion or anything like that. They are so expensive here though! I love Coach and love these little gifts they make for the magazines! ^_^

      • If I get down to NYC to the Kinokuniya in Manhattan (which is rare… only during the summer when I visit my family for more than a couple of days, do I have time to run there) the magazines with furoku go from $16-20 or so… Yesasia sells them for about $23 each, depending on the original price >_< I did manage to get a Coach mirror and handkerchief set earlier this year and a folding jewelry case (for my friend who is getting married soon!) for about $18 each… Which isn't so terrible, I guess, since it is Coach~ ^_^ But Coach in Japanese stores is sooooo expensive too! I was there last year in March, and they were almost twice as much as the US prices! @_@

      • Thats really quick expensive… but i guess if you find the furoku you like, it’s worth the price! Coz the coach case I got definitely worths more than $20!
        You’re right, coach here is so expensive! I never buy it here, I always wait till I’m in the US 😛

  2. Coach is definitely cheaper here! Especially now that they started an online factory store too~ I get emails almost every week about different sales they’re having. It’s bad since i bought a new wallet and 3 purses this summer already ;;-_- I get coupons for the regular store too (usually 25% off), so if you find anything on the US website you like, let me know and I can help order it for you and ship it to you! That would still definitely be cheaper than buying it in Japan!

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