Review: NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Red Cheeks (CB07)

I have a lot of powder blushes, and almost all are in pink and only one in orange. So I thought I would like a red one in my drawer, and a cream blush would be even better!

So I decided to try NYX’s cream blush in Rouge, this color is as red as you can get! Amazingly pigmented, too♥♥

At first, I had no idea how much I should be dipping into my cream blush, I ended up having too much products on my cheek!

So if you are going to a natural flushy red, a slight dip with one finger would be enough for both cheeks! And reapplying during the day may be difficult, since it’s very easy to end up looking too red.

If you are going for a creative look, dip as much as you need XD ! But trust me, even so you won’t be needing much because this cream blush is so pigmented!

A little goes a long way, I can’t really imagine myself finishing this product at the moment. So I highly recommend it for it’s only USD6.50♥

The only drawback I think is application, you need to blend quickly, or you may have to blend harder as the texture is quite thick and it dries pretty fast. Other than that, the price is quite, very pigmented and it does last!

Color 9/10
Application 7/10
Lasting 9/10
Ease of removal 7/10
Price 10/10

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