♥The Suqqu Story♥

Suqqu is a Japanese brand, however the first time I heard about this brand was from a video made by Celebrity Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge.

Suqqu’s brushes have become many makeup lover’s favorite. It’s also chosen as the winner of Best Brushes by Tatler Beauty Awards in 2012, and Cosmopolitan UK Beauty Awards in 2011. If you have ever tried a Suqqu brush, you would agree and just wonder why it doesn’t get more awards. It’s a brush of air!

However, Suqqu is a very expensive brand. For example, a face brush would cost nearly USD420, a lip brush would cost about USD60.

AND not only it’s expensive, Suqqu is also only available in Bangkok, London, Manchester, even in Japan, there are limited counters as compared to other major cosmetic brands. So many people who have read reviews on the internet may find it very difficult to get it!

I live in Japan, so I have the advantage to go to their counter and try their products. They do give out foundation sample, so if you are in Japan or have plans to travel to Japan. Don’t forget to stop by their counter and check out their brushes, and get a foundation sample of course!

I have also done a little bit of research about Suqqu, the word “Suqqu” pronounced as “Sukku” actually derived from a japanese word “Sukkuto” meaning “Posture with attitude”. Beauty is not only about beautiful skin, but it’s more about polishing, training and drawing out the beauty from within. Therefore, Suqqu’s skincare put focus not only on your skin, but also support massage treatment the recognizes your bone structure, and massage that reach out to your muscles, lymph and bloodstream.

Have you ever used Suqqu’s product? What’s your experience?

Here are some videos talking about Suqqu’s products.

Lisa Eldridge “Some of my all time favorites” 

Lisa Eldridge “My Favorite Brushes”

A Video review about Suqqu Brushes

If you have never tried it, but would like try. You can check it out here~


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