My ferrets ♥

My ferrets are the cutest in the world ♥♥

My Miss RuRu, loving the comfy bed ♥

Their new friend – sheepy, but seems like they’re a little intimidated by her…is she a competition??

“We are not friends! We are fighting” Said TenTen♥

Have a wonderful August, enjoy the summer to the MAX!

I’m off to Hawaii in two days!! **excited** & can’t wait!!!

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6 thoughts on “My ferrets ♥

      • awww! What do you do when you leave the house? Do you just leave them to roam around? Do you take them for walks on a lead?? xx

      • Actually, we leave them in the cage when we’re out. And let them out to play when we are home! We don’t usually take them for a walk, but many people do, and of coz with a lead that’s made for ferrets! They are just lovely, aren’t they!♥♥ I have more pics on instagram, if you have an account, do check it out! @cutie_ferret XOXO

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