Review: Marie Claire Top Stage Pore Shade Make Up Base UV

This is my first product review in this blog, and I actually have many other products I’d like to write a review on, but I’ll let this one be the first!

To be honest, I think this product is probably only available in Japan (correct me if I’m wrong), so I don’t know how useful it is for you girls out there.

But I thought it would be interesting to know what are available in the world, right? And if you live in Japan, you may wanna check out Marie Claire’s makeup products~

So far I have only bought this make up base (because this is what I needed at the moment), but I have tried their eye shadows in store, compared with other japanese brands, marie claire’s eye shadow was really pigmented, and the color was so pretty!!!

Anyway, let’s get started~

After checking the packaging, this marie claire line of makeup is actually manufactured by a japanese company, but licensed by marie claire paris.

I needed something to cover the redness under my eye, so I was looking for a base that does that. I read some reviews on the biggest Japanese makeup reviews website, and found this to have pretty good reviews and price! So I went for it!

The blue one is supposed to tone down the redness on your skin naturally, and make your pores disappear!

The redness under my eyes is really serious, so i don’t expect anything to be able to cover it 100%.

First, I applied it around my right eye area. Leaving my left eye to compare the difference!

To my surprise, it worked better than I thought!! And it feels really light and thin, and pretty much scent free♥

I don’t like putting too many products on my face, but with this base, it doesn’t feel more. So it’s all good!

Product: Marie Claire Top Stage Pore Shade Make Up Base UV

Colors: Yellow, Blue & Purple

Price: 1,050yen (~USD13.5) for 30ml

The good:

  • Lightweight
  • Did tone down my redness to some extent
  • The price is good for the amount of product you get, for me I only apply it around my eye area, so I use very little each time
  • SPF 14
  • my pores did disappear!

The bad:

  • The bottle, you need to pour product it, because this base is really watery, so when you pour, way too much product came out!
  • If I apply this base all over my face, it seems a bit too pale for me

Will I buy this again?

I like trying out new products, this is not bad, but definitely not my HG. So I may purchase again if I can’t find anything else.

So what do you use for redness on your face, esp under your eyes?

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5 thoughts on “Review: Marie Claire Top Stage Pore Shade Make Up Base UV

  1. I’m not very good at being a girl. I never wear make-up because I don’t know how >__<) haha So I'm making my way through everything now~

  2. The only thing I do use when I use anything at all is BB Cream. Right now I’m using one by Holika Holika, which is very light weight and covers very well~ I rarely sleep and have bags under my eyes quite often, so when I hang out with friends, I tend to just use that to hide how tired I look. I get random red splotches too and it covers them pretty well too! It soaks into my skin really quickly too and stays on for hours~ I also use a Moisture type BB Cream by Missha. It works the same way, but I tend to buy a lot of different brands and open them all at once (not good, I know >_<) haha So I'm making my way through everything now~

    • sorry about the comment thing >.< I don't know why ur full comment didn't get posted….

      So, I am making my way through everything as well!! That's why I started this blog to kinda record the "progress"! I love using BB cream as well, but I have only tried Etude House's BB cream, the texture is quite thick in fact I prefer something more lightweight….so your Holika Holika actually sounds pretty good! So what makeup product are you going to try next? 😀

      • I’m also using a Snail Cream set from Missha~ My skin is usually dry, even in the summer, so I try to use tissue masks a few times a week so I don’t have to use moisturizer and creams as often, since I don’t want my face to be all shiny when I’m out in case I sweat a bit… What else? I have tons of different cleansers and products, but never use them, haha ;;>_< My Holika Holika BB Cream might be my favorite BB Cream. I have a few different types from Missha, but Holika and the Moisture type from Missha are head to head for my faves~ I haven't tried anything from Etude House yet, but I do have a wish list for when i get through some of my stuff haha…

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