Found my paradise – Kanebo Makeup Institute♡

Finally! Yesterday I went to Kanebo Makeup Institute for a trial lesson…

It was so exciting to see so much makeup in one place, and all the students there seemed to have so much fun!

The trial lesson basically wasn’t really a lesson, it was more like an introduction to the courses there, but we could try to put makeup on a makeup doll (see picture). So, it wasn’t really teaching, but to give us a feeling of how it would be like learning there.


The good thing about the school is, first we don’t need to bring any makeups, we can use everything there, there are so many brands of product there… but to be honest mostly Japanese brands.

But still, taking a course there means I could try out all the products there, looking at drawers after drawers of makeup…and I saw one labelled “Suquu”!! I got sooooo excited! Suquu is such an expensive brand, so having the chance to try for free would be amazing!

Other than that, a professional photographer is always there, so at the end of each lesson, we can have our “work” taken by a photographer, and at the end of the course we can all the pictures and data back as our portfolio! This really is the biggest selling point for me, since other schools usually only have one or two shooting sessions, and we usually need to pay extra for that. But Kanebo offers that for free!!!

So after a brief introduction, we were handed one makeup doll, and palette after palette of makeups! It was really hard to put makeup on a doll, and since she has no eyebrow, we had to draw it….it’s pretty interesting to see how different we could make the same doll look!


I know i know…her brows look terrible! That’s why I need to learn!!!

The next picture is with two other dolls, the makeup done by 2 other girls who were interested in the course! Can you see the difference?


So I guess you all can tell I am pretty much sold! Yes, I already sent an email to the school saying I’ll be applying! Guys! I’ll be going to makeup school from Oct! I am soooooo excited!

The course is the basic one, since i am a total beginner! It will last 6 months, once a week.The course includes a set of brushes, and pretty much all makeup products needed. Since its Kanebo Makeup Institute, I guess I’ll be getting a lot of their products….that means I’ll be reviewing a lot of Kanebo’s product in the future! If you are a fan of Kanebo, stay tuned!


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13 thoughts on “Found my paradise – Kanebo Makeup Institute♡

  1. yay~ i cant do makeup at all, so i think this is cool! i really only use bb cream and i just started in November ;;>_< i cant wait for your reviews on all the brands though~ ^_^

  2. Hi there,

    I am planning to take a makeup course in Japan too,
    but i do not speck Japanese at all, is there any english teaching classes from your school ? and btw… i am actually a full time makeup artist now, Thanks !

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