Review: Eyeliners- Maybelline vs Kate

Few weeks ago I was asking a friend about eyeliner, she said she used Kate and highly recommended it. So on the same day, I went to a nearby drugstore and tried out Kate’s eyeliner.

To be honest, I wasn’t so sure about it because I have used Kate’s gel liner before, and i wouldn’t recommend. Oh well, i thought maybe the liquid liner is different.

As I tried it on hand, I was instantly disappointed, it seemed really watery, and the black was not even. So it would take a few attempts to have a black line, I left it on my hand and then I went to work.

After work, I walked pass another shop which was displaying Maybelline’s hyper sharp liner, since I already have some products on my hand, why not try it out to see the difference. I was surprised by how big the difference is! Maybelline’s liner gave a really soild black line that doesn’t smudge. I would give it 5 wows!


So next I thought, let’s see how well it last! I got home, wash some dishes…and then Kate’s liner smudged even more! But Maybelline’s liner stay gorgeous!


Okay, then I thought with the staying power Maybelline’s liner must be harder to remove. So here comes the last test for these two liners.

I used purity organic cleansing lotion to try to remove these two liners, since it’s a really mild lotion, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get it off. But after using it twice, unbelievably Maybelline’s was the first one to disappear! And Kate’s liner just doesn’t go away.


At the end of the test. Maybelline totally KO Kate’s liner.

Conclusion: Maybelline did great on all rounds, from color, staying power to the ease of removing it.
Kate is the hardest to remove, however it smudges easily as well. Price-wise, both cost similar in Japan, but if I buy it in the US, Maybelline is actually cheaper!

So what eyeliner do you use?


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