Non-silicone shampoo – Reveur

I have been hearing about Non-Silicone shampoo for a while now, and finally I bought one for myself!

Few months ago, I asked my stylist about Non-silicone shampoo. He told me that silicone is what makes your hair smooth, but it’s bad for scalp.

And if your scalp is clogged or not healthy, it’s not good for new hair growth. Thus, keeping your scalp healthy is major for growing beautiful hair!

I don’t know how reliable that comment is, but the marketing of non-silicone shampoo is just everywhere that made me really wanna own it and try it out myself.

SO….finally yesterday I bought my first non-silicone shampoo and conditioner “Reveur”. There are so many to choose from, but this one claimed every 6 seconds one bottle is sold! Also, it said its the most reasonably priced non-silicone shampoo(950yen each=about USD13)!

I was so excited to try it last night! I had only used it once, but the effect was pretty obvious i think!

The shampoo smells nice, it doesn’t bubble much (it’s their selling point), so it felt like I had to use a little more to wash all my hair.

After I applied conditioner, I left it on for a few minutes. After that few minutes, I was surprised how soft my hair felt!

In fact, I was more than surprised. Because my hair had never been that soft before. Anyway, I thought well let’s see how it is after I dry it!

My hair usually gets really frizzy, fluffy and big (in a bad way) after shower, therefore I can never wash my hair before going out. I have to let it set for a night.

So last night after using non-silicone shampoo & conditioner, my hair felt incredibly soft. After drying, it’s not as voluminous as it used to!!! First time in my life (other than once in Switzerland, i bet it’s the water there) had my hair been so calmed!!!

HOWEVER, one strange thing is….my digital perm is also gone?!?! I had the bottom curled, but it’s gone after using the shampoo and conditioner I just bought. So, I may just have to stop using it for one night, see if my perm will come back!

Anyway, last night was such a strange experience for me. My hair became incredibly soft, but at the same time my perm was gone!

I would give this product 5★, but since it took away my perm I’ll have to give it 4★.

I found a great post about non-silicone shampoo, if you are interested in finding out more, check it out here.


Wanna try it out? A special version of Reveur x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is being sold at this link (Free International Shipping) click here



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9 thoughts on “Non-silicone shampoo – Reveur

  1. I didn’t know that silicone was bad for your scalp! I was always told that sulfate-free shampoos were best for the hair because sulfate strips your hair of its natural oils. I will be on the lookout for a non-silicone shampoo. Thanks!

      • haha, my entire comment didnt post ;;-_-
        i wrote that i was going to do some more research, bc i was interested in the scalp care version. but there werent a ton of reviews like last month when it came out, so im waiting and it seems like its been drying peoples scalps out really badly. so i might go with the purple one~ ^_^ im gonna see if i can buy sample sizes of all 3 and some other brands before i commit to paying the shipping for a giant bottle of shampoo and conditioner. do you still like it after having it for a little longer?

      • Oh I love it!!! My hair is a lot less frizzy now…I think I am gonna keep using it for a while! And Actually I have been trying the shampoo with other conditioners, still great!

        Where do you live? If you are in Japan, they sell samples at drug stores, it’s pretty easy to find~ If not, I can help you to get some samples if you need help~

      • I live in NY and they never sell a wide variety of Asian haircare stuff =\ its always the same brands, like tsubaki and asience and both of those tend to make my scalp flake if i use it for more than a couple of weeks >_< it would be great if you could help me get some samples!!! *_* i looked on ebay too and they dont sell reveur at all =\ maybe its just too new and unknown. i heard gift and nudy aura are good too. have you tried those before?

      • Oh it must be hard to get it in NY…and it is kinda new here as well~
        I haven’t used other brands, since the price difference is quite big, and I was gonna buy samples from other brands too, but before I did that I bought Reveur >.< So maybe in the future! I would love to try out other brands as well~
        If you don't mind spending a few dollars to get those samples, Reveur's sample is 95yen for one-time use (including shampoo and treatment), I think I could post it using envelop as well~
        For Nudy Aura, the sample set costs 480yen but it's for 3-time use, so the sample is just a little more expensive than Reveur, but the bottle is double the price of Reveur.
        Let me know how many you want….If you don't mind, maybe we can continue this conversation over email~

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