Shopping for Makeup Schools

As said in my first post, I have been looking for a makeup school hopefully to get started on the right foot.

Until today, I was doing intensive internet research! As one would expect, I found a lot of schools coz I’m in TOKYO, Japan~!

It actually makes it even harder to choose. I asked 4 schools for more information, so they sent me their beautiful pamphlets♥ And today! I went to one of them to actually see what it’s like!

I need to consider a lot of things, such as

1) The tuition! I can’t afford to pay a million yen, so I am choosing schools which have reasonable course

2) Locations, I live near Tokyo, not in tokyo…so I don’t wanna spend more than an hour going to school

3) Reputation, well of course.

So the 4 schools I requested pamphlets from are …

1) Kanebo Makeup Institute, Yes! This institute was founded by Kanebo the cosmetic brand. And in fact, it is the most affordable one, because they use their headquarter’s makeup consulting room for lessons, so obviously the cost is much lower compare with other schools who need to rent space in this expensive Tokyo! We could use all the cosmetics available these, and they don’t only have Kanebo products (thats what people think they would have), but they said they also use many other brands as well. The basic makeup cost is about USD3,000 all teaching materials included!

2) Be-Staff Make-Up Universal, This is the school I went to today. It’s far…the farthest of all actually. It’s a 10 minutes walk from the station. And their courses are quite pricey…I could choose the cheapest course, but that one doesn’t cover much. The school itself seems pretty good, and quite famous! Coz seems like many students are not from Tokyo, they are from Hokkaido, Osaka…that means they pay A LOT to go to the school! The good thing is, the school is very flexible. The course is not on a fixed schedule, so you can book your lesson anytime you want. If you wanna progress fast, you can probably finish their course within 6 months, if not you can stretch it out to a max. of two years. We have to purchase a set of products they request, materials itself cost USD3000!


3) Air Pro Hair Makeup School by Holistic Beauty Academy, their website looks beautiful, and their course includes both makeup and hair! Which is quite perfect for what I wanna study. The concern is…it will take me more than an hour to get to the school. Lesson starts quite early in the morning (I am not a morning person!) The hair and makeup course cost about USD5,500 teaching materials included.

4) Le’ Revel Nail Art Make Up School, is another quite reasonable school, and location is not bad! However, their portfolio doesn’t wow me, they showed the makeup their student did, I was like…”um…if you don’t have better ones to put in your pamphlet…”. And they seem to be more professional in nail…so maybe makeup is just a branch to make more money…

So this is a review and my personal feeling to these schools. If I have lots of money to spare, I would go for Be-staff, but unfortunately I don’t… So right now, I think Kanebo is at the top of my list, I will have a school visit on July 12, after that I think I will have a much better idea of which one to go to!

If you have any recommendations and comments! Please share♥

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