I believe it’s destiny ♥ MUA Lisa Eldridge

Don’t worry! I don’t mean it THAT way!

Way before I told my friends about my new “makeup” hobby, a good friend of mine one day suddenly whatsapped me, and recommended Lisa Eldridge, a very famous makeup artist based in London!

I was like “um…how did she know???”

Anyway, from that day on, my passion for makeup grew even stronger!! It was so strong I couldn’t believe it myself. I checked pretty much all her videos in less than a week, I made note of the products she recommended! I even bought some of the products she suggested!

The rational me was gone, I went totally out of control (in a good way I still think)! And now the dream of becoming a makeup artist became 1000 times stronger!

So here I am, recommending MUA Lisa Eldridge, her blog is amazing with lot of details and tips on how to do your makeup right. Her videos! One of the best I have ever seen on YouTube, with very clean white background, looking very professional!


Make sure you have plenty of time before going to work or school when you click on the link!

Thanks Lisa!

And Thanks Bonnie for sharing ♥

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