Beauty beginner I am, here’s how it began ♥

I sure know it’s a little late. But it’s better be late than NEVER!

So here is the story why I am starting this blog.

Until only about a year ago, I wasn’t interested in makeup or skincare at all.

I was probably the biggest believer of “Less is more”, and I didn’t like the feeling of having a lot of products on my face.

Luckily, I don’t have complicated skin, therefore I could live a very big part of my life without using much product.

However, when I was about to start a new project with the need to find a good makeup artist. I realize how hard it is!

Then I started to have this crazy idea! Become one myself!

I was born in Hong Kong, currently reside in Japan (my 6th year here actually). Japan is one big makeup empire in the world, and it wouldn’t be too hard to find a good school here!

I was just wondering “Why didn’t I come up with this idea earlier!?”

But again,  it’s better be late than NEVER!

And here I am, totally addicted to beauty & makeup news!

Constantly looking for a good makeup school!

So, I am a total beginner compare with beauty bloggers who started their makeup when they were 6.

But still I would like to start this blog as to keep track of my beauty journey!

If you happen to stop by this blog, I hope you enjoy it!

7 thoughts on “Beauty beginner I am, here’s how it began ♥

  1. Good for you! And don’t worry if you don’t have 100 years previous experience like other people, I am much the same, I’m only an expect in my own little lunchbox 🙂

    I used to think I was a total pro, but then found the blogging world and thought whoa. In the end though, its all about your experience and so long as your happy thats great!

    I really like your cover photo BTW.

    • Don’t know why but I found your comment in the spam >.< so sorry for this late reply!
      And thank you sooooo much for your comment! You're right the blogging world is so crazy, and in fact I could learn a whole lot just sitting at home! But as you said experience means a lot, so I indeed am looking for a good school, so it would be easier to get started!
      I'll keep posting my journey☆
      Thanks for checking! Have a great day~

  2. Hi! I’m very interested to learn about beauty from different cultural perspectives. I’d love to read about what women in Japan do to take care of their skin, especially because they seem to have very beautiful skin.

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